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Game Review: Rain World

Rain World is a 2D platformer and survival game developed by Videocult and published by Adult Swim Games. In Rain World, players take control of a slugcat, a small creature trying to navigate through a hostile, post-apocalyptic world filled with dangerous predators and other hazards.

"The sound design also adds to the atmosphere"

One of the standout features of Rain World is its stunning hand-drawn art style, which creates a hauntingly beautiful world filled with vibrant colors and detailed environments. The sound design also adds to the atmosphere, with eerie and haunting music that perfectly captures the feeling of being alone in a dangerous and unfamiliar world.

The gameplay in Rain World is challenging and unforgiving. Players must constantly manage their hunger and thirst levels while avoiding predators and other dangers. The slugcat can climb, jump, and use various objects to navigate the environment, but it's slow and vulnerable and can easily be killed by the game's many dangers. This can make the game frustrating at times, but it also makes every small victory feel incredibly rewarding.

One criticism of Rain World is that it can feel aimless and confusing at times. There's no real objective or story to follow, and players are left to explore the world and figure things out on their own. While this can be a refreshing change of pace from more linear games, some players may find it frustrating.

Overall, Rain World is a unique and challenging game that's worth checking out for fans of platformers and survival games. The stunning art style and haunting atmosphere make it an unforgettable experience, even if it can be frustrating at times.